Reduce IP Address Fragmentation through Allocation

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Mei Wang Dunn, L. (Cisco Syst.) Wei Mao Tao Chen (China Internet Network Information Center)
Appears in: Computer Communications and Networks, 2007. ICCCN 2007.
Publication Date: 13-16 Aug. 2007
On page(s): 371-376

This paper introduce a "new" allocation scheme for address block that is growth-based. It uses growth rate information of customers for optimizing the allocation. An evaluation is made on historical date from APNIC and China.

LinShim6 0.8 released

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LinShim6 0.8 has been released.

LinShim6 is an implementation of the Shim6 protocol, that provides host-centric multihoming capabilities to IPv6.
The major new feature present in version 0.8 is the support for locator updates, that is, the peer is now informed when new locators become locally available.
More information here :

Patterns in Network Architecture : a return to fundamentals

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The architecture of today's Internet was mainly designed together with the TCP and IP protocols in the 1970s and early 1980s. During the last years, researchers and funding organisations in America, Europa, Asia have started to work on different alternative architectures for the Internet. Some consider an evolutionnary approach where the Internet architecture would be incrementally modified in a backward compatible manner while other consider that a completely new architecture should be developped to take into account the requirements of today's and tomorrow's Internet.

Google IPv6 Conference - Summaries and comments

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to be continued

IPv6 and DNS

By ISC. (authors of BIND)
Nothing really interesting for us.


Available at

- It seems that Apple airport Gateway implements full IPv6 (by tunnel?)
- NAT v4->v6->v4 an issue ? It is temporary and an incentive for full IPv6... and it's not worth than v4->v4->v4


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The Farinacci et al. "LISP Alternative Topology (LISP-ALT)" draft proposes a mechanism to manage EID to RLOCs mapping in the LISP protocol.

The idea of LISP-ALT (ALT for Alternative Topology) propose to build an public Internet overlay to manage mapping in LISP.

Observations from the DNSSEC deployment

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This paper by E. Osterwell, D. Massey and L. Zhang describes the experience learned from their tool, secspider (

After introducing DNSSEC, they show that DNSSEC is currently not widely deployed, and many "islands of security" exists. An island of security is a (set of) zone(s) that have deployed DNSSEC, but their parent have not DNSSEC. Thus the trust chain cannot be established. In particular the root servers have not enabled DNSSEC.

A Monitoring Approach for Safe IPv6 Renumbering

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F. Beck, I. Chrisment, and O. Festor. A Monitoring Approach for Safe IPv6 Renumbering. IPv6 Today - Technology and Deployment Workshop (IPv6TD'06). August 2006.
The paper can be found on :

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