Turbo King: Framework for Large-Scale Internet Delay Measurements

Wed, 04/23/2008 - 12:37 by Damien Saucez • Categories:

The paper "Turbo King: Framework for Large-Scale Internet Delay Measurements" published by Leonard and Loguinov at INFOCOM'08 shows the inaccuracies of the King delay estimation framework and propose Turbo King to tackle the problem.

The idea of King is to estimate distance between any to nodes by measuring the time required to resolve a DNS query from a DNS server near the source and a DNS server near the destination.

Minerva: Learning to Infer Network Path Properties

Tue, 04/22/2008 - 09:28 by Damien Saucez • Categories:

The INFOCOM'08 paper titled "Minerva: Learning to Infer Network Path Properties" written by Wouhaybi et al. proposes to predict network path properties based on learning techniques.

This last decade, plenty of solutions have been proposed to estimate the path properties between nodes without having to explicitly measure the path between the two nodes. However, most of the techniques (with or without landmarks) require to periodically make some measurements.

On Network-Aware Clustering of Web Clients

Mon, 04/14/2008 - 23:23 by Damien Saucez • Categories:

The paper "On network-aware clustering of web clients" presented at SIGCOMM ’00 by Krishnamurthy and Wang proposes clustering techniques to move content closer to the clients which are generating most of the traffic.

Before the paper, cluster of clients were simply /24 networks. The authors propose to group clients by BGP prefixes.

The paper is focused on web traffic and to determine the quality of the BGP clustering, the authors analyses web server logs. Based on the logs, they map client IP addresses to BGP prefixes.

TRILOGY project initiates Internet overhaul

Thu, 04/10/2008 - 01:10 by Olivier Bonaventure • Categories:

Together with key European research labs that are active on IP networks, the IP networking lab participates in the three-year EU-funded Trilogy collaborative research project that is developing a radical new architecture for the Internet.

An Overview of Routing Optimization for Internet Traffic Engineering

Tue, 04/08/2008 - 09:36 by Damien Saucez • Categories:

The paper "An Overview of Routing Optimization for Internet Traffic Engineering" presented by Wang et al. in IEEE Communications Surveys volume 10, N°1 presents a complete survey of the current techniques for traffic engineering.

In this blog, we will not summary the survey, just present the structure.

The paper divides TE according to four criteria.

1. scope: interdomain vs intradomain
2. enforcement: MPLS-based vs IP-based
3. timescale: online vs offline
4. type: unicast vs multicast

A Measurement-Based Analysis of Multihoming

Tue, 04/01/2008 - 19:47 by Damien Saucez • Categories:

The paper "A Measurement-Based Analysis of Multihoming" proposed by Akella et al. at SIGCOMM'03 shows different aspects of performances improvements in multihomed environments.

The journal article we discussed in [08-03-17] is basically the same as this paper, so that we only present a fast summary of the paper.

Recent research results and ongoing work

Thu, 03/27/2008 - 20:02 by Olivier Bonaventure • Categories:

The IP Networking Lab of Université catholique de Louvain in Louvain-la-Neuve is actively working on solving problems that affect network engineers working for Internet Service Providers, large enterprise or router manufacturers. To allow companies to benefit from these research results, we organise from time to time half-day tutorial seminars that describe our recent results.

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