Internet Topology Discovery

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Systems for active measurements in the internet are undergoing a radical shift. Whereas the present generation of systems operates on largely dedicated hosts, numbering between 20 and 200, a new generation of easily downloadable measurement software means that infrastructures based on thousands of hosts could spring up literally overnight. Unless carefully controlled, these new systems have the potential to impose a heavy load on parts of the network that are being measured. They also have the potential to raise alarms, as their traffic can easily resemble a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Our research aims at examining the problem, and proposing and evaluating an algorithm for controlling one of the most common forms of active measurement: traceroute.


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OneLab is an open networking laboratory integrating, testing, validating and demonstrating new fixed and wireless networking technologies in real world settings and production environments.


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AGAVE (A liGhtweight Approach for Viable End-to-end IP-based QoS Services) is developing solutions for open end-to-end service provisioning based on the notion of Network Planes that may be interconnected across multiple providers to create Parallel Internets tailored to service requirements.


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The objective of the TOTEM project (TOolbox for Traffic Engineering Methods) is to develop a toolbox of algorithms for traffic engineering purposes.

Comparison of iBGP topologies

Sun, 04/01/2007 - 01:54 by Damien Leroy • Categories:
Virginie Van den Schrieck. Comparison of iBGP topologies. CoNEXT 2005 Student Workshop, Toulouse, France, October 2005. bibTeX  pdf 

Interdomain traffic engineering with BGP

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B. Quoitin, S. Uhlig, C. Pelsser, L. Swinnen and O. Bonaventure. Interdomain traffic engineering with BGP. IEEE Communications Magazine Internet Technology Series, 41(5):122-128, May 2003. bibTeX  pdf 

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