Hybrid Software Defined Networking

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Software Defined Networking (SDN) promises to ease design, operation and management of communication networks. However, SDN comes with its own set of challenges, including incremental deployability, robustness, and scalability. Those challenges make a full SDN deployment difficult in the short-term and possibly inconvenient in the longer-term.
We explore effective hybrid SDN architectures that combine SDN with a more traditional networking approach based on distributed protocols. In a number of use cases, hybrid SDN architectures combine the strengths of traditional and SDN approaches, mitigating their respective limitations. As such, they provide incentives to (partially) transition to SDN, and can be appealing even as long-term design points.

Advantages and opportunities of hybrid SDN architectures are shown in an increasing number of research contributions. An overview of the most relevant works in the area, grouped by covered topic, is provided in the following.

Position papers


Network Architectures and Control-Plane Design

Traffic Engineering Algorithms

  • Traffic Engineering in Software Defined Networks. S. Agarwal, M. Kodialam and T. V. Lakshman. Proc. INFOCOM, 2013.
  • Traffic Engineering in SDN/OSPF Hybrid Network. Y. Guo, Z. Wang, X. Yin, X. Shi and J. Wu. Proc. ICNP, 2014.
  • Achieving Near-optimal Traffic Engineering Solutions in Hybrid Software Defined Networks. J. He and W. Song. Proc. IFIP networking, 2015.
  • DIVIDE AND CONQUER: Partitioning OSPF networks with SDN. M. Caria, T. Das, A. Jukan and M. Hoffmann. Proc. IM, 2015

Robustness Techniques

  • IGP-as-a-Backup for Robust SDN Networks. O. Tilmans and S. Vissicchio. Proc. CNSM, 2014
  • Congestion-Aware Single Link Failure Recovery in Hybrid SDN Networks. C.-Y. Chu, K. Xi, M. Luo and J. Chao. Proc. INFOCOM, 2015

Implementation, Deployment and Emulation Tools

  • OSHI - Open Source Hybrid IP/SDN Networking (and its Emulation on Mininet and on Distributed SDN Testbeds). S. Salsano, P. L. Ventre, L. Prete, G. Siracusano, M. Gerola and E. Salvadori. Proc. EWSDN, 2015.
  • An Ontology-Based Information Extraction System for bridging the configuration gap in hybrid SDN environments. A. Martinez, M. Yannuzzi, J. E. Lopez de Vergara, R. Serral-Gracia and W. Ramirez. Proc. IM, 2015.
  • SYMPHONY - A Controller Architecture for Hybrid Software Defined Networks. V. D. Chemalamarri, P. Nanda, and K. F. Navarro. Proc. EWSDN, 2015.

(the list is compiled by Stefano Vissicchio; if you find mistakes or if you know of a paper that should be listed here but isn't, don't hesitate to send me an email)