An Overview of Routing Optimization for Internet Traffic Engineering

Tue, 04/08/2008 - 09:36 by Damien Saucez • Categories:

The paper "An Overview of Routing Optimization for Internet Traffic Engineering" presented by Wang et al. in IEEE Communications Surveys volume 10, N°1 presents a complete survey of the current techniques for traffic engineering.

In this blog, we will not summary the survey, just present the structure.

The paper divides TE according to four criteria.

1. scope: interdomain vs intradomain
2. enforcement: MPLS-based vs IP-based
3. timescale: online vs offline
4. type: unicast vs multicast

The paper is directed by these four points and each part aims at presenting an overview of the different solutions proposed in the literature.

The paper is written with different level of depth. If the reader want a brief overview, he can read the different table at the end of each section. Theses tables presents a summary of the different techniques presented in the text.

For a more in depth reader, the text describes the techniques but unfortunately does not compare the advantages and disadvantages of the solutions.

Finally, a reader that need to understand a particular criteria in depth can find a good reference for the domain of interest in the 121 references proposed by the paper. The decision of the paper to read can be performed base on the brief summary in the survey.

Thanks to Bruno Quoitin for he's suggestions about the survey.