A Monitoring Approach for Safe IPv6 Renumbering

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F. Beck, I. Chrisment, and O. Festor. A Monitoring Approach for Safe IPv6 Renumbering. IPv6 Today - Technology and Deployment Workshop (IPv6TD'06). August 2006.
The paper can be found on : http://hal.inria.fr/action/open_file.php?url=http://hal.inria.fr/docs/00...

First, this paper reminds the steps of a renumbering procedure (in term of prefix change). The third section list a set of problems that appear when a network is renumbered : configuration with IP hard-coded, DNS, access lists, ... They propose that, after old prefix is obsoleted, a monitoring mechanism should check that the new prefix is really used for all "applications" of each hosts in the network. A distributed monitoring architecture is used in this aim, NetSV. It monitor the renumbering (addressing) and make diagnostics on the monitored hosts. Two daemons are running on each hosts and alert the manager is something go wrong. The configuration files of these daemons is a XML file describing the shell commands to execute and what should be the type of result for a success. A web interface permits to monitor the renumbering on the monitoring station. No evaluation is proposed.