Dr. Mickaël Hoerdt

I was a PhD student in computer science at the University Louis Pasteur/LSIIT under the supervision of Jean-Jacques Pansiot . I belonged to the network and protocols research team, a time where I was interested in networks and protocols research, especially concerning multicast routing problems.

I have been involved in various network research projects, including @irs , @irs++ , kame and usagi . My main contribution to these projects was to provide an open source IPv6 PIM-SM/MLDv1 and SSM/MLDv2 multicast routing deamon implementation. This routing deamon is the package "pim6sd" under *BSD systems, Linux and 6wind edge devices. It has been used to deploy a first International IPv6 Multicast TestBed : the M6bone .

I participated in the 6net project where I studied various problems related to multicast routing. This includes Internet topology mapping (which is used as a tool for multicast protocols simulations), multicast routing state scalability improvement. In particular I have studied SSM extensions for multipath when building interdomain multicast trees.

I was then a Post-Doc student at NTNU/Q2S-Trondheim/Norway during the year 2005/2006 and Research Associate at Lancaster University/Infolab21/U.K. in the Vrouter project during the years 2006-2009.

I was then an invited Postdoc researcher at the INL Networking Lab in Louvain-la Neuve/Belgium working on the ECODE european research project.

I am now a full time theology student at the
Brussel's Bible Institute in Belgium. .

mickael.hoerdt (at) uclouvain.be
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