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OneLab is an open networking laboratory integrating, testing, validating and demonstrating new fixed and wireless networking technologies in real world settings and production environments.

The OneLab project will knit together the best of today's networking testbeds, to provide a unified environment for the next generation of network experiments. The availability of such a large scale, open, heterogeneous testbed will be beneficial not only to the world of research and academics, but industry at large will benefit from access to computing and networking resources. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are developing novel distributed systems and services will be able to use OneLab to test the deployment of their products in realistic scenarios, providing them with invaluable information about the performance, resiliency and scalability of their products.


Université Pierre et Marie Curie - LIP6; Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique; Intel Corporation (UK); Universidad Carlos III de Madrid; Consorzio Interuniversita Rio Nazionale per l’Informatica; France Telecom; Università di Pisa; Alcatel Italia S.P.A.; Telekomunikacja Polska S.A.

European Commission under the FP6-IST programme