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Very recent activities in the IETF and IRTF,in particular in the Routing Research Group (RRG) have focused on defining a new Internet architecture, in order to solve issues related to scalability, addressing, mobility, multi-homing, inter-domain traffic engineering and routing. It is widely recognized that the approach based on the separation of the end-systems' addressing space (the identifiers) and the routing locators' space is the way to go. This separation is meant to alleviate the routing burden of the Default Free Zone (DFZ), but it implies the need of distributing and storing mappings between identifiers and locators on caches placed on routers and to perform tunneling or address translation operation.

Among the various proposals discussed at the IETF, LISP (Locator/ID Separation Protocol), based on the map-and-encap approach, is one of the most advanced and promising proposal with a dedicated IETF Working Group. The IP Networking Lab his currently developing an implementation, called OpenLISP, of this protocol in the FreeBSD kernel (version 7.x).

Code and Documentation

OpenLISP Release can be freely downloaded from our GForge Website. Pre-release code is available upon request by email.

The official documentation of the current release is the OpenLISP Implementation Report.

NetFlow Traces

The anonymized NetFlow traces used to perform the emulation of the LISP's cache (see the Tech. Report
Locator/ID Separation: Study on the cost of Mappings Caching and Mappings Lookups
) are available upon request by email.

Please send your request to luigi (at) net (dot) t-labs (dot) tu-berlin (dot) de.


The OpenLISP implementation work has been partially supported by the European Commission within the AGAVE and Trilogy Projects and a Cisco URP grant.


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