Tests for LSA4IGPWO

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Implementation of a traffic engineering technique that preserves IP fast reroute in COMET

We have performed 11 tests for LSA4IGPWO. We use two sources for topologies: the Abilene Network [4] and the network topologies (link bandwidth, IGP weights) and traffic demands generated by IGEN [3]. We use two different traffic demands for Abilene. The rest of the tests come from IGEN. With iGEN we can easily generate the network topologies and the traffic demands for large networks. The largest considered network has 100 nodes and 406 links. iGEN is configured as follows. Each POP is similar to a Sprint POP [3]. The POPs are selected by using the k-medoids method and a Delaunay triangulation is used to create the backbone network. The IGP weights are set in function of the geographical distance. Finally, we use a uniform traffic matrix. The tests can be downloaded as follows :

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