Google IPv6 Conference - Summaries and comments

Wed, 06/18/2008 - 15:00 by Damien Leroy • Categories:

to be continued

IPv6 and DNS

By ISC. (authors of BIND)
Nothing really interesting for us.


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- It seems that Apple airport Gateway implements full IPv6 (by tunnel?)
- NAT v4->v6->v4 an issue ? It is temporary and an incentive for full IPv6... and it's not worth than v4->v4->v4
- How my mum will switch to IPv6 ? What about security ? *IPv4 NAT is often view as an important security point. *OS that have IPv6 built-in normally also have strong firewalls built-in too.
- People asks to Google "you should provide content to push IPv6". How does Google provide it since even DNS is not working in IPv6 ? If is using IPv6... lots of NAT boxes and PC will have issues and Google will becoming unavailable. * If an asian search engine use IPv6, asian people will go from Google to this new one. * Expose the issues you have and the community will find solution ! * But how can we start a large service if it will make everything bug ? * We have to make small steps (first, decoupling issues.
- When people have issues with IPv6, it is because of IPv6. When people have issues with IPv4.. people try to fix it.
- Nobody will move if they have no advantage. As economic lights, if it is cheaper, people can try to use IPv6 instead of IPv4.
- For a website, why not to put a small image hosted on an IPv6 server to measure the quality of IPv6 link of the client and look at issues.
- With IPv4, we cannot make end-to-end connection because of NAT... with IPv6 it is possible, can we find a new incentive killer app on IPv6 based on that ?
- In the core of a large network (NTT), IPv6 is just a feature to enable in IOS and all is working fine.
- In Cisco, v4 and v6 are implemented in hardware but if both are enabled it is obviously "slower".
- The core routers can support millions of v4 and v6 entries in their routing tables, but all the routers can't. All the enterprises at the edge will become slaves of the router manufacturers.
- The end-to-end principle is not really an objective of IPv6. IPv6 that use a tunneled connection do not know it is talking to IPv4.