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My current website is available at http://www-sop.inria.fr/members/Damien.Saucez/

damien.saucez (at) gmail.com
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INRIA Sophia Antipolis

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Luigi Iannone, Damien Saucez and Olivier Bonaventure. OpenLISP Implementation Report. Internet draft, draft-iannone-openlisp-implementation-01.txt, July 2008. Work in Progess. bibTeX  pdf 

Olivier Bonaventure, Damien Saucez and Benoit Donnet. The case for an informed path selection service. IETF Draft, February 2008. bibTeX  pdf 

Damien Saucez and Dimitri Papadimitriou. Why should the Traffic Optimization not be restricted to the Application-Layer?. IETF Draft, July 2008. bibTeX  pdf pdf 


D. Saucez, B. Donnet and O. Bonaventure. A Reputation-Based Approach for Securing Vivaldi Embedding System. Proc. 13th EUNICE Open European Summer School and IFIP TC6.6 Workshop on Dependable and Adaptable Networks and Service, Twente, The Netherlands, Jul. 2007. Simulator and King dataset: http://ece.fsa.ucl.ac.be/dsaucez/thesis/simulator/ Best paper award. bibTeX  pdf pdf 

D. Saucez, B. Donnet and O. Bonaventure. Implementation and Preliminary Evaluation of an ISP-Driven Informed Path Selection. Proc. ACM CoNEXT Student workshop, New York, USA, December 2007. bibTeX  pdf 

Damien Saucez. Securing Network Coordinate Systems. Master's thesis. Université catholique de Louvain, jun 2007. bibTeX  pdf