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Benoit Donnet was born in Soignies, Belgium, in 1980. He received a degree (with Distinction) in Economics from the Facultés des Sciences Economiques et de Gestion of the Facultés Universitaires Notre Dame De La Paix (Namur - Belgium) in 2000. He received a master degree (with Grande Distinction) in computer science from the Institut d'Informatique of the Facultés Universitaires Notre Dame De La Paix (Namur - Belgium) in 2003. In 2002, he had the opportunity to go working in the Computing Science Department of the Lancaster University, under the supervision of Laurent Mathy.

In 2003, Mr. Donnet joined the Université Pierre & Marie Curie, Laboratoire d'Informatique Paris VI (Network & Performance Analysis Group), as Research Assistant.

Benoit Donnet received, in the context of his traceroute@home researches, in October 2004 the SATIN grant provided by the E-Next Network of Excellence. This grant implies a strong collaboration with Olivier Bonaventure's team in the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium).

During the 2005 fall term, Mr Donnet was invited at CAIDA (Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis) in the Super Computer Center at San Diego, in California. He was working under the supervision of Bradley Huffaker and kc claffy on topology discovery problems.

Mr. Donnet received his Doctoral degree in Science, specialization in Computer Science, from the Université Pierre & Marie Curie in 2006. The title of his thesis is: Algorithms for Large-Scale Topology Discovery.

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