Characteristics of Destination Address Locality in Computer Networks: A Comparison of Caching Schemes

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“Characteristics of Destination Address Locality in Computer Networks: A Compar-
ison of Caching Schemes,” R. Jain, Computer Networks and ISDN, vol. 18, pp. 243–254, 1989/1990.

This paper is probably the first to think about locality in network traffic. At that time, most of the networks were built on pure proprietary architectures, however, some of the conclusions are still applicable today. However, as the analysis was performed on non IP networks, we'll not discuss the experimental part in this summary.

On Network-Aware Clustering of Web Clients

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The paper "On network-aware clustering of web clients" presented at SIGCOMM ’00 by Krishnamurthy and Wang proposes clustering techniques to move content closer to the clients which are generating most of the traffic.

Before the paper, cluster of clients were simply /24 networks. The authors propose to group clients by BGP prefixes.

The paper is focused on web traffic and to determine the quality of the BGP clustering, the authors analyses web server logs. Based on the logs, they map client IP addresses to BGP prefixes.

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