Master Thesis : Tools for robust and efficient BGP configuration

Thu, 05/10/2007 - 12:08 by Virginie Van den Schrieck • Categories:


Virginie Van den Schrieck


This master thesis can be divided in two parts :

  1. Configuration language for BGP policies :
    I developped a language allowing an operator to globally define the BGP interdomain policies for an AS. This language is based on the concept of class, which represents a common property or behaviour of a group of BGP sessions. This principle allows an efficient, flexible and robust implementation of the policies based on the BGP community attributes, thus reducing the possibility of BGP misconfigurations. The compiler for this language takes the policies as input and produces c-bgp scripts as output.

  2. Tool for the optimization of iBGP topologies
    This tool gives an operator a method to compare different iBGP topologies, with a full mesh or with route reflection, and to select the one that is corresponding to the operator's criteria : scalability, robustness or efficiency. Once the topology has been choosen, the tool output the corresponding cbgp scripts.