Controllable per-Flow Load Balancing

Wed, 01/05/2011 - 14:22 by Gregory Detal • Categories:

Controlable per-Flow Load Balancing (CFLB) is an initiative to revisit current load-balancing techniques. These techniques suffer from the fact that they use hash-based functions to balance packet. This prevent hosts to control the path taken by their packets.

CFLB consists of an invertible mechanism that allows sources to easily steer packets over any load-balanced path. CFLB consists in multiple implementation parts:

* A Linux kernel implementation of the CFLB-router forwarding path.

* A modification to the MPTCP Linux kernel implementation (here) to allow a userspace module to instantiate subflows for a given connexion by talking to the kernel over the netlink-interface. Access the git-branch "mptcp_netlink" to access this extension

* A userspace module/API to interact with MPTCP and to easily steer packets.

Please contact Gregory Detal to get access to the source code.

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