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Routing protocols
damien Saucez and Olivier Bonaventure
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March 30, 2010

Tutorial to introduce the Locator/Identifier Separation Protocol proposal

Operational-oriented tutorials

20111202_lisp_tutorial_frnog18[pdf |zip ] gives a short tutorial on LISP with deployment examples.

The slides have been presented at FRNOG 18 meeting in December 2011, podcast will be available on

20111202_lisp_how_to_frnog18 [pdf |zip ] gives basic Cisco IOS configuration and handy commands for debugging the network.

The how to network configuration is provided here . The file also contains the dynagen configuration file for lab experiments.

Academia-oriented tutorials

20100330_tutorial_lisp [pdf |ppt ] presents the LISP protocol. The slides have been presented internally during a 2h seminar.

20100628_lisp_tutorial aims at presenting the reason of the LISP protocol. The slides have been presented at the 1st SISCom-Bretagne research school on Networks and Telecommunications during a 1h30 seminar (

A tutorial given by Olivier Bonavenute at the Trilogy Summer School'10 is available at

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